Katie Hobbs Expands Coalition and Delivers Solutions to Arizona’s Working Families

Hobbs spent the last week meeting with union leaders and making her pitch to voters about why she’s the best candidate for governor

PHOENIX – Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for governor Katie Hobbs spent the past week hard at work on the campaign trail, meeting voters where they are and sitting down for interviews to answer the questions that Arizonans want answered most.

Hobbs kicked off the week with an endorsement from the Latino group Chicanos por la Causa. Hobbs talked about her plans to uplift working families throughout Arizona. 

Hobbs continued to make her case to voters over the course of the week with campaign stops rallying union leaders and sitting down for interviews, including on PBS Arizona Horizon and ABC News Good Morning America

In her much-anticipated interview with Ted Simons, Katie detailed her plan to fight inflation, her stance on investing in public education, and the danger of Kari Lake’s election denialism. Hobbs called Lake’s refusal to accept the election results “disqualifying” and reiterated the danger that Kari Lake poses to Arizona’s economy when discussing policy with unions later in the week.

Hobbs celebrated her ever-growing coalition of supporters with two union events. First she held a round table with UFCW leaders on Wednesday, followed by a Hobbs for Jobs rally with AFL-CIO the following day. 

“I will continue to fight for a state that recognizes a worker’s right to organize and collectively bargain for better jobs, wages, and benefits.” Hobbs said at the rally. “That’s why my plan to make life more affordable for Arizonans includes better training for good-paying jobs, and expanding opportunities in career and technical education. I’ve called for a tax credit for any Arizonan who is pursuing career and technical education opportunities. We can provide relief for working families, grow our economy, and train our workforce not just for the jobs of today, but for the opportunities of tomorrow as well.”



The week’s events preceded Hobbs’ upcoming tour of Maricopa County with another growing coalition, Latinos for Katie. If the week’s events prove anything, it’s that Katie is firing up grassroots supporters in every corner of the state in the final weeks before Election Day.