Katie Hobbs Kicks Off Labor Canvasses, Rallies Latino Supporters

Hobbs met with union members, members of the Latino community in Arizona as she builds momentum ahead of election day 

PHOENIX – Today, Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for Governor Katie Hobbs continued to meet voters where they are on her latest tour of Maricopa County with her coalition Latinos for Katie Hobbs. With back to back events today, Hobbs has done dozens of interviews with local and national outlets in the last few weeks and held just as many advised media avails.

Hobbs began the day at 7AM by kicking off a Day of Action with Pipefitters Local 469, before launching a canvass with the Arizona Educators Association in Phoenix. 

Later, she met with supporters at El Tianguis in Guadalupe and spoke with voters and business owners. 

Hobbs continued her tour with exclusive meet and greets at two Latino-owned small businesses, El Portal restaurant and La Perla Sports Bar and Grill. There, Hobbs spoke with stakeholders about ensuring that under her leadership, Arizona will be a place where small businesses will get the support they need to thrive

“We’ve released a bold plan to lower costs and make Arizona more affordable. We’re going to make government more accountable. We’re going to stop kicking the can down the road and finally deal with our water crisis. We’re going to make sure every child in Arizona, no matter where they live, gets a world-class public education,” Hobbs said. “We’re going to ensure that women and families have access to reproductive healthcare, including access to safe and legal abortion. And, we’re going to continue to stand up to the incessant attacks on our freedom to vote. That’s getting the job done.”

While Hobbs is out on the trail connecting personally with voters, Kari Lake is spending the last stretch of her campaign peddling the conspiracy theories and lies she’s been touting for the past 18 months. Lake has said she will only accept the results of the 2022 election if she wins and spreads false and dangerous rhetoric about elections. Hobbs emphasized to the voters she met with today that Arizonans’ freedoms are at stake this election, and Lake’s dangerous ideas are a threat we can’t risk. 

Hobbs said on her tour, “Kari Lake has called to dismantle the nation’s top law enforcement agency; she has called for Arizona to secede from the union and usher in another Civil War; and she has promised to declare an invasion at the southern border, which would do nothing to secure our border, but would lead to untold levels of chaos for our state. Kari Lake is dangerous, too extreme, and out of touch with everyday Arizonans.”

On her final stop, Hobbs answered questions from voters about the environment, Arizona’s water crisis, and housing, proving that she can deliver on her promises with substantive policy solutions. 

Hobbs’ latest tour is a reminder not just to this coalition of voters, but to all Arizona voters, that there is too much at risk in this election to sit on the sidelines this November.