Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs’ Statement on Transgender Day of Remembrance

PHOENIX – Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs issued the following statement on Transgender Day of Remembrance:

“Today, I join Arizonans in mourning those who lost their lives to horrific anti-transgender violence. This year alone across the U.S., at least 32 transgender people were killed, the majority of whom were people of color. I am devastated by the loss of each of these precious lives and I strongly condemn senseless acts of discrimination, harassment, and violence against the transgender community.”

“Today’s remembrance takes an especially somber resonance, as the LGBTQ community is forced to reckon with another violent attack, this time in Colorado Springs. My family’s prayers are with the families and friends of those devastated by this tragedy.”

“While we mourn these tragedies, we must also work together to end the epidemic of anti-transgender violence. I am committed to making Arizona a safe community where everyone can thrive and live their authentic lives free from discrimination and fear. I hope every Arizonan joins me in making that a reality.”