CNN: Kari Lake Is a Threat to Democracy

“The voters of Arizona have a clear choice between Hobbs, who fights for election integrity, and Lake, who will bludgeon democracy if given half a chance.”
PHOENIXA new CNN article blasted Kari Lake for her unrelenting lies and how she is a grave threat to American democracy. The article pointed to how Lake’s entire campaign is based on touting conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and how she will use the governor’s office to undermine democracy if elected.

Between her unhinged false claims of election fraud in 2020, including doubling down on the false claim that 200,000 ballots were trafficked by “mules,” and standing by True The Vote even as Attorney General Brnovich recommended the FBI investigate them for fraud, it’s clear that Kari Lake is deeply unfit to be governor.

Here are some key excerpts from today’s CNN piece:

  • “Some people have described Kari Lake as a ‘Donald Trump in heels.’ And like the twice-impeached Republican President who endorsed her candidacy to be Arizona’s next governor, the election-denying Lake poses a threat to our democratic republic if she wins.”
  • “Lake is running not so much for Arizona governor as against American democracy.” 
  • “Speaking to CNN on Sunday, she would not commit to accepting an election loss next month. Rather than calling politicians like her ‘election deniers,’ she and others of her ilk — especially if they win in November — might well be called ‘democracy killers.’” 
  • “Lake has promoted baseless conspiracy theories that software used by Dominion Voting Systems altered the election results. In August 2021, she doubled down on her unfounded assertion that Trump won Arizona and that official election results were ‘wildly inaccurate.’”
  • “Lake only supports election results she agrees with, and had she been governor in 2020, she has said that she would have refused to certify Biden’s victory. 
  • “Lake is basically telling anyone who will listen that she is prepared to use the levers of government to overturn the will of the people.”
  • “Lake has also called for the imprisonment of journalists she claims have lied about the election. She opposes vaccine mandates, she has demonized drag queens and declared at a conservative summit that women are inherently inferior. ‘God did not create us to be equal to men,’ she said.”

Just last Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Kari Lake said she would only accept the 2022 election results if she won. Lake spent her entire interview peddling baseless conspiracy theories about elections and dodging questions on what she’ll actually do as governor.

Click here to read the full CNN piece. Check out Hobbs’ Accountable Arizona plan for government transparency and accountability and Hobbs’ 10 comprehensive plans to uplift Arizona on her website.