Katie Hobbs' Plan for an

Accountable Arizona

From the Desk of Katie Hobbs

Dear Arizonans,

Thank you for taking the time to consider my plan to ensure Arizona’s government works for you.

I have always believed that government can be a force for good, and for too long, your state government has been working for the powerful, the partisan, and the special interests. As your next governor, I pledge to build a government that is of, by, and for the people. We will make needed reforms and work to build the most ethical and accountable administration in history. We will work to bring people together and get stuff done to help Arizona. 

Here’s where we’ll start:

  • We will cut red tape to make it easier to start a business, create jobs, and fix our schools.
  • We will eliminate wasteful spending and make sure Arizonans’ tax dollars are spent in Arizona.
  • We will make your government more transparent, because the people deserve to know what their leaders are doing with their money.
  • We will make your government more efficient to save taxpayer dollars and make it easier for citizens and small businesses to get what they need to succeed from state agencies.
  • We will embrace long-term planning, not short-term partisan point-scoring.

In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to discussing my plans with you. I also want to know what you think — please send me your feedback at www.katiehobbs.org/accountability

Katie Hobbs

As Arizona’s next governor, Katie Hobbs will continue to deliver accountability, transparency, and results for the people of Arizona. As a legislator and Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs fought to make government more efficient and cut red tape to help lower costs for taxpayers. She will continue this work as governor to make sure that our economy is on track to thrive.

Hobbs knows that Arizonans are tired of their tax dollars being wasted on partisan and political games, including the sham audit.

There are so many issues that Arizona faces — and Katie Hobbs is ready to tackle them to make Arizona the best place to live, work, and raise a family. That’s why Hobbs has proposed transformative policy plans that put Arizona first by cutting wasteful spending, lowering costs to taxpayers, and making state government open and accountable.

Cutting Red Tape

Unnecessary red tape is holding our businesses — especially small businesses — back from thriving, expanding, and creating good jobs. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they create critical jobs that keep tax dollars local and give back in countless ways to employees and the communities they serve. 

  • Simplify Opening a Small Business: Starting a business in Arizona should be straightforward. But it often involves interacting with several state agencies including the Corporation Commission, the Department of Revenue, the Secretary of State, and the Commerce Authority, on top of registering with local governments. Hobbs will streamline the process to start a new business by unifying the application process under one roof so new businesses won’t have to navigate a web of government bureaucracy. Hobbs will also work to integrate this process into the completion of Business One-Stop. 
  • Expedite Fixing Dilapidated Schools: Students need an environment conducive to learning, and schools shouldn’t need to jump through hoops to get crumbling classrooms fixed the right way — like fixing leaking roofs and replacing malfunctioning air conditioning systems. That’s why Katie Hobbs will streamline and cut red tape at the Arizona School Facilities Board. Hobbs will also expedite robust fixes to school buildings across the state and aim to lower the costs of long-term maintenance.

Eliminating Wasteful Spending

For too long, Arizonans have been kept in the dark about where their hard-earned dollars are going. Our current state government has been using taxpayer money for political pandering instead of investing in our future. Arizonans deserve to know how their money is being spent, and Katie Hobbs knows how to make our government accountable to the people and fix broken systems. 

  • Probe Government Agencies for Wasteful Spending: Katie Hobbs will order a probe of all government agencies in search of inefficient, duplicative, and wasteful spending. Hobbs will expect a report from each department on these inefficiencies and a plan to eliminate them. This will help lower costs for everyday Arizonans and ensure every tax dollar is being thoughtfully used to improve the lives of the citizens we serve.
  • Implement an Arizona Jobs First Policy: To make our economy work better for Arizonans, Hobbs will push for more purchasing contracts to go to Arizona businesses. That’s why she will implement a policy to prioritize awarding state contracts to Arizona businesses over out-of-state companies.
  • Reforming The Department Of Corrections: A source of controversy in Arizona, the Department of Corrections needs reform to cut wasteful spending. Recent reports revealed the Department of Corrections was keeping inmates past their release dates and failing to provide rehabilitation programs to thousands who could return to a productive life. Hobbs will investigate these issues, implement policy to ensure tax dollars are not wasted, and reform the corrections system. 

Transparency and Accountability

Government only works well if it is run well. Right now, Arizona’s state government is being run by conspiracy theorists who have wasted their time on political games instead of focusing on tackling real issues that we’re facing. Arizonans deserve a government that works for them. And leadership that is ready to deliver accountability, transparency, and results and work across the aisle to get things done. 

  • Strengthen Conflict of Interest Laws: Owning individual stocks and controlling certain assets has the potential to create the appearance of a financial conflict of interest. That’s why Hobbs will fight to pass legislation requiring public officials to divest from stock and other assets whose value could be influenced by their legislation or employing department.
  • Tough New Lobbying Rules: Hobbs would fight for new lobbying rules to increase transparency and stop corruption. This will include requiring lobbyists to show all lobbying expenditures from the first dollar spent and require disclosure of the bills and subjects they’re lobbying on more frequently, and improve online access to comprehensive lobbyist filings. This will allow the public to readily identify any potential malfeasance by public officials and understand what lobbyists are discussing with elected officials.
  • Shining A Light On Who Is Influencing Our Elections: Hobbs will fight to ensure all dark money groups have to disclose every dollar spent on races in Arizona — because Arizonans have the right to know who is attempting to influence our elections.
  • Right to Petition the Government: In 2017, the GOP legislature attempted to restrict the ballot initiative process. To prevent any potential attempts by the legislature to limit Arizonans’ right to have their voices heard, Hobbs will veto any legislation designed to circumvent the public’s right to initiatives and referendums.
  • Transparency in Government Spending: To enable the most transparency and ensure public officials are held accountable for their decisions with taxpayer dollars, Hobbs will ensure the public is able to track and search all payments and paychecks issued by the state. 


Katie Hobbs knows what it’s like to be a statewide leader in the middle of unprecedented times, and has a track record of getting things done. As Secretary of State, she stepped into the role and took a wasteful and mismanaged office and worked with Democrats and Republicans to streamline operations, fix broken systems, and make the office accountable to the people — and she’s ready to bring that exact leadership to the governor’s office.

  • Formation of a Small Business Council: Katie Hobbs believes that for too long, Arizona’s small businesses have not had a clear line of communication with officials at the top of government to ensure they are getting the support they need. Everyday small businesses will have a direct line to Governor Hobbs through the formation of a Small Business Council, which will bring together small business owners, advocacy groups, and top government officials so that we can ensure the best ideas to help small businesses thrive are implemented.
  • Replace Broken Systems: Our state computer systems are in a state of disrepair, and Katie Hobbs will develop a plan to replace the antiquated systems used in Arizona. Arizonans deserve easy access to government services that don’t use computers from the 1980s or CD-roms for completion of public records requests. These investments are worthwhile, as we saw with the new voter registration database implemented by Secretary Hobbs, which resulted in increased security and access to information, and better reporting of voter registration statistics.
  • Put An End To Money Losing Policies: Arizona needs to maximize opportunities to get our federal tax dollars back. But news reports revealed that Arizona could lose $60 million in federal rental aid because the Department of Economic Security was slow to get critical assistance out the door to struggling tenants. And now the federal government has threatened to claw back COVID relief funds because of Ducey’s actions to reward school districts for not requiring mask wearing. Arizona needs to maximize opportunities to receive federal dollars, not lose them. Hobbs will ensure that partisan politics do not get in the way of helping everyday Arizonans and prioritize seeking out new opportunities to receive additional revenue through federal programs.
  • Streamline Support For Children And Families In Need: We need to cut government bloat to ensure everyday Arizonans are able to get assistance and lower costs for Arizona taxpayers. Families often interact with several state agencies to receive critical assistance, including the Department of Economic Security, Department of Child Safety, AHCCCS, and the Department of Housing. As a social worker, Hobbs saw firsthand how government bureaucracy can stand in the way of getting families the help they need to get back to stability. That’s why she will combine life changing services under fewer agencies to make government efficient for families to get the help they need.

Long-Term Planning

Our government has been divided for too long and it’s holding us back. Elected leaders need to work together to address the critical issues Arizonans are facing, and plan strategically for the future to make sure that our state is the best place in the country to live, work, and raise a family. Katie Hobbs is ready to get to work to do just that, and break through gridlock to deliver for Arizonans.

  • Reform the Office of Strategic Planning And Budgeting: Arizona government has been in reactionary mode, without focus on or use of long-term planning to respond to the burgeoning needs. Our population is rapidly growing with a need for new infrastructure, a plan to mitigate the effects of climate change, and responding to the post-COVID economy. With the input from state, local, and private stakeholders, Hobbs will improve the Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting that has gone underutilized. As we saw with the 2020 elections, planning ahead and being prepared are keys to successful execution of government functions. Katie Hobbs will not simply focus on fixing government for today, but prepare Arizona for the challenges we will face in the decades to come.

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