With Two Days Until Election Day, Katie Hobbs Closes Solutions Can’t Wait Tour In Tucson and Tempe

Hobbs encourages Arizonans to vote through Election Day and make their voices heard

PHOENIX — With less than 48 hours until polls open, Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs spent the final day of her Solutions Can’t Wait bus tour rallying voters at multiple events in Tucson. With the future of Arizona on the line, Hobbs encouraged voters to get to the polls on Tuesday and make their voices heard. 

Katie kicked off the morning by thanking volunteers in Tucson who have been an integral part of the campaign’s GOTV efforts. After delivering coffee and donuts, Katie joined volunteers to knock on doors and encourage Arizonans to make their voices heard this Tuesday. 

Then, she headed over to the University of Arizona to meet with students and community members to chat about the issues they care about most.

Next, Katie joined Mayor Regina Romero and Sunnyside School District President Consuelo Hernandez for a rally at the El Pueblo Senior Center. Speaking to the crowd, Katie reminded voters of what’s at stake on Tuesday from sound economic policy to supporting public education to protecting women’s reproductive rights and even democracy. 

“We will win this race, but it’s going to be close. All the polls have us tied, so that means we’re going to need every single person in this room to vote and help your friends and family make a plan to vote,” Hobbs said to the crowd of supporters. “I’m not afraid of a tough fight. I’m battle-tested. I’m the candidate who has won a statewide race. In fact, I’ve never lost an election, and I don’t intend to start now – especially with so much on the line.”

On the way back to Phoenix, Katie made a pit stop at the Burger King near her childhood home in Tempe — the place where she worked her very first job!

Katie wrapped up the final day of the bus tour with a visit to her parents’ home in Tempe. She saw close friends, family, and neighbors, and had the chance to show them the Solutions Can’t Wait tour bus.

With Election Day around the corner, Katie Hobbs continues to prove her strength and wide-reaching support in every corner of the state.