ICYMI: Katie Hobbs Discusses The Stakes of 2022 Election with VICE News

 Hobbs makes it clear that she’s committed to a free and fair election here in Arizona and reiterates that the outcome of this election will have a major impact on 2024 and beyond 

PHOENIX – Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs spoke with VICE News about what is at stake this election as dangerous disinformation about elections continues to grow across the state, emboldened by Kari Lake’s refusal to commit to accepting election results.Hobbs stressed that Kari Lake is a threat to Arizona’s future and our democracy:

“No one wants to keep talking about the 2020 election, but here we are. We saw what happened when an elected leader refused to accept the peaceful transition of power. He incited an insurrection on our capitol and on our country. That is what’s at stake in this election because the former president has endorsed all these candidates because he wants them in control so that no matter what the voters say in 2024, these folks will work to declare him the winner.” 

Hobbs stated her continued commitment to administering a free and fair election as the current Secretary of State and pledged to accepting the results of this election:

“I am 100 percent focused on the process and making sure that every eligible Arizonan has the ability to participate. The outcome is not my concern. [I will accept the election results], absolutely.”