New Poll Shows Kari Lake’s Assault On Early Voting Is “Flabbergasting”
And Out of Touch with Arizonans

PHOENIX — Today, a new poll released by OH Predictive Insights (OHPI) shows that 74% of Arizona voters support Arizona’s mail-in voting system and only 10% oppose it. Support for voting by mail includes an overwhelming 66% of Republican voters and 69% of Independent voters. In the 2020 election, 88% of Arizonans voted early either in person or by mail.

OHPI’s Chief of Research, Mike Noble, was shocked that candidates would oppose something so popular among Arizona voters, saying, “With the vast majority of Arizonans supporting mail-in voting, it is flabbergasting to me that any candidate would run opposition on something so incredibly popular with voters.”

“Kari Lake’s attack on early voting is an attack on Arizonans’ freedom to vote,” said spokesperson Jennah Rivera. “Lake’s never-ending focus on partisan antics makes her completely unable to recognize the wants and needs of Arizonans, and that’s exactly why she won’t be elected this November.” 

Despite overwhelming support for mail-in voting across the state, GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has continued to campaign on a promise to gut early voting.