Katie Hobbs Touts Monumental Grassroots Fundraising Lead Headed Into General Election

Republicans empty their campaign coffers, Hobbs builds war chest for general election

PHOENIX – Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs again held an outsized lead in grassroots fundraising over both Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson combined. Hobbs raised more than $1,125,000 from April to June 2022, bringing her total fundraising for her gubernatorial campaign to a record-breaking $4,787,608 without self-funding. With nearly 90% of contributions coming in at $50 or less, Hobbs raised nearly $800,000 in small contributions, far surpassing Lake’s $28,636 and Robson’s pitiful $499.50 for the cycle.

While Lake and Robson spend every last dollar attacking each other in their nasty primary fight, Hobbs ended the last quarter with nearly $1.5 million cash on hand, giving her a huge head start going into the general election.

“As the only non-millionaire in the race for governor, Katie Hobbs has built her campaign with the steadfast support of grassroots Arizonans who are tired of out-of-touch, conspiracy theorist politicians ignoring the most pressing issues impacting working families,” campaign manager Nicole DeMont said. “Everyday Arizonans want a proven leader who will do everything in her power to tackle problems like the soaring cost of living and our failing education system, not waste time and money relitigating an election from nearly two years ago without any plans for making our state the best place to work, live and raise a family.”

Lake and Robson have made divisive, unpopular issues the centerpiece of their campaigns, leaving them unpalatable to the crucial swing voters needed to win in November. Meanwhile, Hobbs has already started her general election communication with a seven-figure television and digital buy. And Hobbs has drawn a clear contrast between her opponents’ empty rhetoric and her substantive plans to provide economic relief to everyday Arizonans, make government more accountable and transparent, protect and expand women’s reproductive rights, and tackle our state’s water crisis.