Katie Hobbs shares personal experience in light of Supreme Court decision

PHOENIX — Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs shared her personal miscarriage story Monday and what could have happened had Roe v. Wade not provided protections for the medical procedure her doctor recommended for her health and safety:

“From personal experience, I can say that losing a pregnancy is already hard enough,” Hobbs said. “I can’t imagine what that situation would have been like had I been told that the best medical decision for my health is also one that would be considered criminal and would land my doctor in prison. But now, for American women, this is our reality after the Supreme Court’s decision that strips critical protections and access to medical treatment from women.”

Hobbs vowed as governor to use her veto pen to block any legislation that compromises the right to choose and promises to do everything in her power to secure women’s rights for the next generation. She reiterated that women do still have a choice 一 at the ballot this November.

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