Entering the heart of campaign season, Katie Hobbs is the only candidate on either side of the aisle with a clear path through the primary – a massive advantage that allows her to stay squarely focused on winning the general election from now until November. While her opponents are forced to spend tens of millions of dollars just to fight for a spot in the general election, Katie continues to build the campaign infrastructure that puts her on a strong path to victory this fall.

Hobbs’ Grassroots Fundraising Dominates the Field
Katie has now surpassed the largest grassroots fundraising haul of any Arizona gubernatorial candidate in history. This election cycle, Katie has raised $3.67 million for her gubernatorial race without any self-funding. She raised more money through the end of March than Governor Ducey raised during his entire 2018 campaign. Her support comes from tens of thousands of donors who have helped her smash Arizona’s record for small contributions, with nearly 90% of the campaign’s donations coming in at less than $50.
In the past three months, Katie raised more money than her primary opponents combined. She now boasts more than twice as much cash on hand as any of the leading Republican candidates, and twice as much cash on hand as her next closest primary opponent – all of whom will be forced to spend every last dollar before August to emerge from their primaries. Katie’s resource advantage cements the frontrunner status she entered the race with last year and gives her a sizable lead going into the general election campaign.

Looking to November, Hobbs Expands Leadership Team
The Hobbs campaign continues to build up its staff infrastructure to prepare for the general election. In March, the campaign announced the addition of four new senior staffers: Campaign Manager Nicole DeMont, Political Director Whitney Walker, Finance Director Rose Huerta, and Digital Director Lacy Nelson. These women bring the strategic vision, robust experience, and diverse perspective needed to lead this campaign to victory.

Crowded Republican Clown Car Continues To Veer Off Course
With less than four months to go, the vitriolic Republican primary race to the bottom is as unsettled as ever. Conspiracy theorist Kari Lake has been touring the country with Trump still looking for ways to overturn the 2020 election and has maintained a notable lead in poll after poll. Wealthy political insider Karrin Taylor Robson is unsuccessfully trying to buy a spot in the general election with $4 million of self-funding. An “SNL caricature of a politician,” Robson hopes her millions are enough to hide that she’s a member of Arizona’s political royalty and entrenched with the special interests. While Robson and Lake compete to be the most far-right version of themselves, they’re both already earning a reputation for lying to Arizona voters in their ads. Matt Salmon, Steve Gaynor, Paola Tulliani-Zen, and Scott Neely also qualified for the ballot, further complicating every other Republican’s path through the primary.

With Experience as a Social Worker, Hobbs Releases Comprehensive Plans for a Better Arizona
Throughout her career as a social worker, Katie served the most vulnerable Arizonans and saw firsthand the very tangible consequences of failed state leadership. She worked with families who were priced out of their homes and forced to live on the street, victims of domestic violence, seniors without access to health care, and children who couldn’t finish school because of a lack of support. Since our elected officials weren’t getting the job done, Katie stepped up to run for office herself and brought her unique experiences as a social worker to Arizona’s state government, first as a state legislator and then as Secretary of State. Katie understands the root causes of our state’s toughest challenges and used her background to develop the most robust and comprehensive policy plans of every candidate in the field. These plans include:

  • The Affordable Arizona plan to put more money back in Arizonans’ pockets to help address the increased cost of living;
  • The Inclusive Arizona plan to break down barriers for people of color who have been systematically locked out of opportunity;
  • The Accountable Arizona plan to build an accountable government that is of, by, and for the people;
  • And the Voting Rights plan to ensure every eligible Arizonan has access to the ballot.

With more plans on the way, Katie continues to prove she’s the only candidate with the knowledge and experience to finally tackle the challenges Arizonans are looking to their leaders to solve. And it shows:

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Hobbs Builds on Diverse Coalition of Support
Earlier this month, Katie’s grassroots support was on full display when she submitted nearly 17,000 signatures – collected by an all-volunteer effort – to secure her spot on the ballot. And within the last two months, Katie has earned key endorsements from local leaders and organizations including Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and the American Federation of Teachers Arizona. This builds on key endorsements from local, state, and national leaders including:

  • Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters
  • International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers, and Helpers Local 627
  • International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 36
  • American Federation of Teachers Arizona
  • Anna Tovar, Arizona Corporation Commissioner
  • Steve Gallardo, Maricopa County Supervisor
  • Rex Scott, Pima County Supervisor
  • Sen. Lela Alston
  • Sen. Sean Bowie
  • Sen. Lupe Contreras
  • Sen. Kirsten Engel
  • Sen. Jamescita Peshlakai
  • Sen. Martin Quezada
  • Sen. Rosanna Gabaldón
  • Rep. Andrea Dalessandro
  • Rep. Pam Powers Hannley
  • Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton
  • Rep. Cesar Chavez
  • Ginny Dickey, Fountain Hills Mayor
  • Regina Romero, Tucson Mayor
  • Randy Keating, Vice Mayor of Tempe
  • Lauren Kuby, Tempe City Councilor
  • Berdetta Hodge, Tempe School Board Vice President
  • Marie Lopez Rogers, National League of Cities President, former Avondale Mayor, former Maricopa County Supervisor
  • Garrick McFadden, Phoenix civil rights lawyer
  • Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association
  • Democrats Serve
  • Arizona List
  • EMILY’s List
  • Fund Her
  • Vote from Home

The Bottom Line
With six months until the general election, Katie Hobbs is commanding the race by amassing the resources, policy plans, and statewide support to win in November. Never having lost a race, Katie is the only candidate on either side with the strength and experience to fight and win – and get to work delivering real solutions to the problems facing Arizonans today.