Money is pouring into the Arizona governor election as spending already exceeds all of 2018

By Stacey Barchenger

“The big-money race reflects the fight over an open seat in the Governor’s Office, in a state that consistently draws national attention as a key battleground. Election forecasters rank Arizona a toss up — meaning both parties have a shot at winning — in this year’s midterm election, when voters in 36 states will choose their next governor.”

“On the Democratic side, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ frontrunner status was affirmed by standout fundraising numbers compared to her two challengers, who have struggled to compete against the national platform she has received by defending Arizona’s 2020 election.”

“Hobbs continues to lead the trio of Democrats hoping to flip control of the state, bringing in $748,000 in the first three months of the year, more than what her two rivals have raised combined.”

“Nearly 90% of Hobbs’ donations were for $50 or less, suggesting she’s favored by a pool of donors who may continue to contribute closer to the election, giving her a reliable source of cash.”

“Hobbs ended the quarter with more than triple the amount of money in the bank as López, and more than double that of Lieberman. Hobbs has $1.6 million saved as she heads into the primary, compared to Lieberman’s $759,000 and López’s $450,000.”

“‘To gain a competitive advantage,’ Pearson said, López and Lieberman ‘would have to win the Powerball.'”