Katie Hobbs Continues to Smash
Fundraising Records and Gain Momentum for Her Historic Campaign

PHOENIX — Powered by thousands of grassroots supporters, Secretary of State and candidate for governor Katie Hobbs announced raising nearly $750,000 in just the first three months of 2022, once again showcasing her continued momentum and strong appeal to Arizona voters. Hobbs’ announcement is the largest grassroots fundraising haul of any Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate in history, with nearly 90% of contributions being $50 or less. These contributions follow Hobbs’ 2021 historic fundraising of $2.9 million, laying the groundwork for a strong path to victory this year.

“Arizonans understand what’s at stake in this election, and they know that Katie is the candidate who will win in November,” said Campaign Manager Nicole DeMont. “Supporters from across the state are stepping up to be part of this historic campaign because they believe in her vision and her plans to make Arizona a more inclusive and prosperous state.”

Katie continues to work hard on behalf of all Arizonans by releasing comprehensive policy plans on the issues she hears about most from voters across the state. Since releasing last year’s historic fundraising success, Katie Hobbs’ campaign momentum has continued to grow, locking in key endorsements from important leaders such as Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and the American Federation of Teachers Arizona. And as the campaign noted in its February state of the race memo, Katie continues to be the only candidate who has the record and the resources to take on any opponent, and is prepared to continue her service to Arizonans as Governor.