Karrin Taylor Robson Adopts Democrats’ Economic Plan

One-Third of Robson’s Economic Plan Copies Hobbs’ and Bowie’s Policies 

PHOENIX — Yesterday, Karrin Taylor Robson released one of her thinnest policy plans to date. Struggling to bring economic solutions to the table, Robson touts the usual tax breaks for the wealthiest Arizonans – like herself – while copying one-third of her plan from Secretary Hobbs’ endorser, Democratic state senator Sean Bowie.

The bill introduced by Senator Bowie creates an earned income tax credit, which Secretary Hobbs supported months ago. Robson cites near-identical figures in the plan, including an average benefit that would amount to $128 per family, impact 570,000 taxpayers, and cost about $75 million per year in revenue. Robson’s copying and pasting of a Democratic proposal that passed the Senate this year comes too little too late as the Republican-led legislature failed to enact this common-sense relief.

“Months ago, Katie introduced her own plan to provide immediate financial relief for working Arizona families, while Karrin Taylor Robson is just now copying and pasting ideas from a top supporter of our campaign,” said Nicole DeMont, campaign manager for Katie Hobbs. “Katie is the only non-millionaire in this race, so it’s no surprise that someone as out of touch as Robson can’t relate to what everyday Arizonans are going through.”