GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Silent as Arizona Republican
Supports Contraception Ban

PHOENIX — All three Republicans running for governor – Kari Lake, Karrin Taylor Robson, and Matt Salmon – have been silent in response to fellow Republican Blake Masters’ support of allowing states to outlaw contraception, including birth control. It’s time they come clean to Arizonans and answer whether they also believe contraception should be banned.

“As the only pro-choice woman in the gubernatorial race, Katie has been vocal in her criticism of the Supreme Court’s leaked opinion and has a long pro-choice legislative record that she’s proud to stand behind,” Nicole DeMont, Secretary Hobbs’ campaign manager. “Arizonans deserve to know: why won’t Lake, Robson, and Salmon make clear where they stand on states banning contraception when there is so much on the line?”  

All three Republican candidates celebrated the leaked Supreme Court opinion, which called into question other landmark decisions, including Griswold v. Connecticut. Lake, Salmon, and Robson already support Texas’ “heartbeat law” which criminalizes abortion and turns citizens into bounty hunters. True to character, Kari Lake has staked out the most uncompromising position possible and made clear she doesn’t support exceptions even for rape, incest, or the life of the woman. Meanwhile, Karrin Taylor Robson has vowed to make Arizona the most anti-choice state in the country. And Matt Salmon has shown where he stands on women’s freedom since 1994 when he attempted to bribe a 14-year girl out of pursuing an abortion after she was raped.