GOP Candidates Prove Once Again Why They’re Unfit to be Arizona’s Next Governor

Chaotic Republican primary debate showcases candidates’ fringe, divisive views, in stark contrast to Katie Hobbs’ vision of an Arizona for all

PHOENIX –  Republican gubernatorial candidates Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson put their extremist views on full display during Wednesday’s primary debate, proving once again that they could not be more out of touch with the real needs of Arizona voters.

“The Republican candidates seem to be engaged in a fierce competition to see which of the two is least fit to be Arizona’s next governor,” Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs said. “Tonight’s debate is yet another stunning display of how disconnected these two are from everyday Arizonans’ most immediate struggles, preferring instead to chase baseless conspiracy theories and race to the bottom. As governor, I will move our state beyond this divisiveness and chaos, and I will waste no time getting down to business to create an Arizona that serves us all.” 

Hobbs is prepared to bring real leadership to Arizona, drawing upon years of experience as a battle-tested statewide leader who gets the job done. As Secretary of State, she took a wasteful and mismanaged office and worked across party lines to streamline operations, fix broken systems and make the office accountable to the people. In 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, she led the office in ensuring Arizona participated in the most secure election in the country’s history.

As governor, Hobbs plans to continue her track record of bringing unity to our state across a variety of issues, such as ensuring Arizona students have access to top-notch education, pushing for comprehensive immigration reform and using every tool at her disposal to ward off legislation that infringes upon reproductive freedoms.

Below are Hobbs’ specific plans to create an Arizona for all: