Katie Hobbs Sees Clear Advantage After ‘SNL Skit’-like GOP Primary Debate

PHOENIX – Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs is the only candidate in the race to be Arizona’s next governor who has a clear path to victory after Wednesday night’s chaotic GOP primary debate.

The heated “hour-long throw down” between the Republican field’s top two candidates quickly devolved into an “SNL skit”-like performance and a race to the bottom to see which of the two could have the most far-right, out-of-touch views.

“It’s evident after last night’s display that my Republican opponents not only lack any substantive plans to address our state’s most immediate challenges, but will only bring chaos and divisiveness to our state’s highest office,” Hobbs said. “While these candidates put on a circus for Arizona voters to see which of them can brandish the craziest, most out-of-touch positions, I remain the only candidate on either side of this race who has a proven track record of leading a statewide office and bringing both parties together to deliver on my promises to all Arizonans.”

Republican frontrunner for governor Kari Lake and her trailing opponent Karrin Taylor Robson spent much of the debate involved in “multiple confrontations” with one another or trying to one-up the other on their nonsensical, fringe talking points. By the end of the night, Lake and Robson repeated tired conspiracy theories about an election from nearly two years ago and both ”said they would support and enforce Arizona’s pre-Roe ban on abortion, which would prohibit the procedure in nearly all cases and would criminalize doctors who perform it.” 

In Lake’s own words, the debate was reminiscent of an “SNL skit,” during which the GOP’s cast of characters talked about everything from alien life to the supposed “roaring back” of Arizona’s economy and claims about the “corrupt” 2020 election that a mountain of evidence has proven to be otherwise.

Meanwhile, Hobbs has been hard at work the past several months releasing detailed, feasible plans to tackle Arizona’s toughest challenges, including combating the soaring cost of living, protecting women’s reproductive freedom and addressing border security. Hobbs also has the backing of leaders across the state and reproductive rights organizations including Planned Parenthood Arizona and Arizona List.