Pathetic Republican Infighting Confirms Katie Hobbs Is The Only Candidate With Real Solutions

PHOENIX – Tonight, Donald Trump and Kari Lake threw the latest salvo in the ongoing race to the bottom in the Republican primary for governor. Their rally only confirmed the fact that Lake is too chaotic and unfit for Arizona’s top elected office. At tonight’s rally, Trump attacked “RINOs,” referring to Kari Lake’s primary opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, and encouraged his supporters to vote against them.

“My opponents continue to put on a circus, battling it out for who can be the most radical and out-of-touch of the bunch. They have spent all their time fighting with each other over everything from an election that happened two years ago to drag queens to who has donated more money to Democrats,” Hobbs said. “I’d like to thank my opponents for making it abundantly clear to voters that I am the only candidate in this race who is a proven leader with the plans and experience to tackle the issues Arizonans care most about, including lowering costs for families, fixing our schools, and protecting the right to reproductive healthcare.”

Trump’s attacks against Lake’s trailing opponent come on the heels of a bizarre Republican primary debate, during which the candidates spent the entire time trying to “out clown each other on live TV,” lashing out with insults and name-calling, and spouting nonsensical plans and dangerous conspiracy theories. The debate perfectly juxtaposed those extreme and out-of-touch candidates with Hobbs’ proven leadership and track record of getting the job done in challenging times.

While her opponents have spent fifteen months fighting on Twitter and becoming the butt of late night talk show jokes, Hobbs has been hard at work preparing for the general election and releasing detailed plans on how she will tackle Arizona’s toughest challenges, from inflation to voting and reproductive rights. The damage Lake and Robson are causing themselves is not only making them unpalatable to swing voters needed to win in November but is also helping Hobbs reach record-breaking grassroots fundraising numbers.