Trump and Pence Add More Chaos to Bruising Arizona GOP Primary

Lake and Robson continue to fight each other instead of focusing on Arizonans 

PHOENIX – Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs’ out-of-touch gubernatorial opponents Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson are losing their wager that shilling out to Donald Trump and Mike Pence will hide their lack of real solutions.

Trump-endorsed Lake took the stage Friday at a rally with the defeated former president, giving voters plenty of outlandish soundbites and blatant election lies but lacking any real answers to the state’s toughest challenges. On the same day, Lake’s trailing primary opponent Karrin Taylor Robson wined and dined former Vice President Mike Pence on her private jet, trying to deceive voters into thinking she’s the saner choice for governor despite her near identical platform with Lake.

“As expected, the daylong spectacle put on by my opponents Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson showed voters once again that the two are identical in their off-the-wall positions and don’t offer any real solutions to the most pressing issues facing everyday Arizonans,” Hobbs said. “From denying the validity of the 2020 election to supporting abortion bans with no exceptions, either one of them in Arizona’s highest elected office is an enormous danger to the health and stability of our state.”

Lake’s and Robson’s focus on conspiracy theories and tearing down democracy has put them completely out-of-touch with the struggles of everyday Arizonans, leaving voters to wonder if they’ll ever address the issues they’re looking to their leaders to solve. Lake and Robson are under the delusion that Arizona’s economy is doing “great” or has “come roaring back,” and neither have proposed substantive plans to address the soaring cost of living.

While her opponents remain caught up in a bitter primary battle, Hobbs has built a warchest for the general election and has focused her campaign on tackling the issues that Arizona voters truly care about. Just this week, Hobbs released her plan to crack down on price gouging and save money for Arizonans. The plan adds to her larger platform addressing issues that hit everyday Arizonans the hardest, including: the soaring cost of living, attacks on reproductive freedom, and decades of federal inaction on immigration.