New Ads Highlight Why Katie Hobbs Is the Best Choice for Arizona

The ads, set to air in Spanish and English across the state, underscore why Kari Lake is too dangerous for Arizona

PHOENIX – This week, the Katie Hobbs campaign and the Arizona Democratic Party released two new television ads contrasting Katie Hobbs’ real solutions to build a better Arizona economy with Kari Lake’s dangerous and out-of-touch agenda.

The Spanish-language ad, “Focus,” blasts Kari Lake’s support of allowing anyone to own rocket launchers and her unhinged plans to put cameras in classrooms to spy on our children, exposing them to online predators. The ad underscores that Lake is a danger to our communities while also highlighting Hobbs’ plan to lower costs by cutting taxes for working families.

"Focus" ad screenshot

Tested” speaks to the overwhelming challenges Arizonans are facing today, and how Katie Hobbs is the only candidate who will tackle these issues head on — because she’s actually lived them. This ad draws on Hobbs’ personal experience working two jobs to make ends meet to spotlight key parts of her Affordable Arizona plan, such as providing tax cuts for working families and eliminating the sales tax on necessities like medicine.

"Tested" ad screenshot

“Focus” Ad Transcript:


Las ideas de Kari Lake son peligrosas (Kari Lake’s ideas are dangerous)

[Kari Lake]:

I’m for any weapon.

[TV Host]:

Lake’s campaign reiterated her support for rocket launchers


Y quiere poner cámaras en las aulas (And she wants to put cameras in classrooms) 

[Kari Lake]:

And if we have cameras in the classroom…


Exponiendo a nuestros hijos a depredadores. (Exposing our children to predators)

Kari Lake es un peligro para la comunidad. (Kari Lake is a danger to the community)

Y mientras ella está distraída con necedades… (And while Kari Lake is distracted with nonsense)

Katie Hobbs está enfocada en aplacar el aumento de costos. (Katie Hobbs is focused on tackling rising costs)

Recortando los impuestos a más de ochocientas mil familias (Cutting taxes for 800,000 families)

Katie Hobbs está enfocada en lo que importa, y tiene un plan. (Katie Hobbs is focused on what matters, and she has a plan.)


“Tested” Ad Transcript


These times are testing us. 

We’re still standing, but do any politicians know what it’s like to be us?

Well, Katie Hobbs knows. 

Because she’s actually worked a second job to make ends meet. 

To put food on the table for her family. And held off saving for retirement

And Katie knows what will help. 

A tax cut for working folks.

Zero sales tax on medicines, school supplies, diapers, and more.

[Katie Hobbs]:

I did what I had to do for my family. 

And as your governor, I’ll do the same for yours.