New Ad from Katie Hobbs and Arizona Democratic Party Highlights Kari Lake’s Seriously Dangerous Threat to Arizona’s Health and Safety

The ad exposes the dangerous consequences of Lake’s extremism

PHOENIX – First reported by NBC News, Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs and the Arizona Democratic Party released a new ad today illustrating how Kari Lake’s extreme position on secession would hurt Arizonans’ pocketbooks and threaten our safety.

The ad — “Serious About Secession” — shows how Lake’s extreme ideology would have enormous consequences for Arizona. From lost Social Security and Medicare benefits to two millions Arizonans losing their health insurance to losing necessary border security resources and military base closures, Lake’s plan would be deeply harmful to every single Arizonan.

The ad will air in media markets throughout the state and on digital platforms.

Click here to watch Hobbs’ new ad, “Serious About Secession.”

Ad Transcript:

[Narrator]: Is Kari Lake serious about secession?

[News Anchor]: Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake even seemed to endorse secession.

[Narrator]: Yep, she’s serious.

[Kari Lake]: We need to fire the federal government.

[Narrator]: So what will a Lake secession cost you?

Seniors lose social security checks and Medicare benefits, 2 million Arizonans lose their health insurance, 6 military bases closed, the National Guard disbanded.

Kari Lake’s serious about secession, and that’s seriously dangerous.