More Arizona Republican Leaders Put Country Over Party To Join ‘Republicans for Katie Hobbs’ Coalition 

Republican Former U.S. Attorney: “[Kari Lake] is anti-democratic, she does not support our Republic and the right to vote. I’m voting for someone who puts country first.”

PHOENIX — With democracy and Arizonans’ freedoms on the line this election, even more Arizona Republicans are uniting in their support of Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs.

Launched in August, the “Republicans for Katie Hobbs” coalition represents a growing community of conservatives who are putting country over party to keep Kari Lake from turning the governor’s office into chaos and lawlessness. These Republican leaders are backing Hobbs’ candidacy because she has the plans to take Arizona forward and keep it on the path of economic prosperity.

“[Kari Lake] is anti-democratic, she does not support our Republic and the right to vote,” said Paul Charlton, Republican and former United States Attorney for Arizona. “I’m voting for someone who puts country first. I’ll be voting for Katie Hobbs.”

Following a call to action for Republican women to vote for Katie Hobbs, penned by Republicans Rebecca Gau and Lisa Hoberg, the “Republicans for Katie Hobbs” coalition is continuing to grow by the day. The coalition recently added endorsements from former United States Attorney for Arizona Paul Charlton and former Director of Arizona Department of Commerce Jackie Norton. Top Republicans also recently hosted a fundraiser for Hobbs.

In addition, two members of the “Republicans for Katie Hobbs” coalition — retired Arizona Diamondbacks President Rich Dozer and Karie Dozer, Communications Director for former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods — are sharing their support for Hobbs on social media and encouraging others to support her campaign.

“I am so proud of the bipartisan coalition we are building to win this November because working across the aisle is how we’re going to get things done when I’m governor,” said Hobbs. “Arizonans can’t afford Kari Lake’s extreme agenda that worsens inflation and puts pressing issues like solving our water crisis and fixing our children’s education on the backburner. With so much on the line, I know that this race isn’t about Democrats versus Republicans — it’s about taking on our state’s toughest challenges together and creating a better future.”

The growing “Republicans for Katie Hobbs” coalition shows that Hobbs’ unifying message resonates with voters of all political backgrounds, while polls show Katie capturing more Republican voters and Kari Lake losing independent voters.