Fueled By Reproductive Rights Advocates, Katie Hobbs’ Campaign Raises Over $1 Million in One Week 

Fundraising milestone underscores momentum among Arizonans to defend reproductive freedom from extremist Kari Lake

PHOENIX – One week after an Arizona court reinstated the state’s 1901 total abortion ban, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ campaign for governor has raised over $1.2 million in grassroots donations.

The massive influx of grassroots contributions marks the campaign’s best fundraising week for the entire race, and underscores the impact Arizona’s draconian abortion ban – which criminalizes doctors and makes no exceptions for rape and incest – is having on energizing Arizonans to show up at the polls. Arizona has seen one of the largest surges in voter registration since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling.

“Arizona women are in the fight of our lives, as the government turns back the clock on our fundamental rights to a time before Arizona was even a state,” said campaign manager Nicole DeMont. “Voters have made it clear that they overwhelmingly oppose these draconian restrictions and the all-out war candidates like Kari Lake are waging on women seeking lifesaving medical care. That’s why people are rushing to support Secretary Hobbs, who will fight day in and day out to restore our reproductive rights.”

93% of donations in the past week were $100 or less, underscoring the strong enthusiasm powering Hobbs’ campaign. Hobbs draws support from everyday Arizonans not only for her strong, clear stance to protect reproductive rights, but also for her comprehensive plans to lower the cost of living for working families and invest in the state’s neglected education system.

Meanwhile, Lake has been on a warpath against women seeking reproductive health care, calling those who get abortions “executioners” and murderers. Beyond her full-fledged support for Arizona’s 1901 abortion ban, Lake has also spoken in favor of outlawing abortion pills.