Katie Hobbs Unveils ‘Resilient Arizona’ Water, Climate and Energy Plan

Provides roadmap to strong, economic future to live, work, raise family

PHOENIX — Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs released her newest policy plan for A Resilient Arizona Tuesday to provide solutions for the rapidly growing water crisis, to preserve our natural resources, and to address climate change by building a 21st-century clean energy economy that puts Arizona on a path to short- and long-term prosperity.

Her plan outlines the actions she will take as governor and her priorities to tackle the compounding challenges our state faces 一 especially as the water crisis continues to worsen with major water cutbacks, the threat of losing reliable hydropower generation looms large and as wildfires, extreme heat and drought plauge Arizonans across the state. All of which are exacerbated by the worsening impacts of climate change on our way of life.

“Arizona’s next governor must address a generational challenge: ever-disruptive water shortages that threaten access to water and the viability of our state’s water supply,” Hobbs said. “These problems are not new, but what’s been missing is leadership. As governor, I will deliver results that expand economic opportunities and improve the well-being of Arizonans through innovative thinking, common sense leadership and cooperation among tribes, farms, cities and industries.”

Through the Resilient Arizona plan, Hobbs will:

  • Establish the Water and Energy Innovation Initiative, tasked with securing our water supply and advancing a clean energy economy in partnership with state agencies, businesses, underserved communities and tribal communities.

  • Secure Arizona’s water supply by better conserving and managing our water, investing in and upgrading our infrastructure and providing the leadership needed to bring Arizonans together so that every stakeholder has a seat at the table.

  • Protect Arizona’s precious natural resources, like our forests, parks and bodies of water, from the devastating effects of climate change and wildfires.

  • Invest in a 21st-century clean energy economy that lowers costs for Arizonans, diversifies our energy infrastructure and addresses the challenges brought by climate change.

Read more about Hobbs’ Resilient Arizona plan here.