ICYMI: Katie Hobbs in National News for Jan. 6 Commentary

Secretary of State, gubernatorial candidate says ‘Arizona won’t back down to attacks on democracy’

PHOENIX — Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs appeared Tuesday on six national news programs in light of the Jan. 6 hearings to stand up for Arizona against threats to basic freedoms like voting, reproductive rights and other positions that are out of touch with Arizonans.

Hobbs discussed why she’s running for governor, how she stood up to attacks during the 2020 election in the face of threats to her life and her family, how she conducted the most secure election in Arizona history and how she will continue to defend and protect democracy for all Arizonans against threats like Kari Lake, her likely general election opponent.

“These hearings are about more than just what happened during the Jan. 6 attack on our country,” Hobbs said. “This is about the concerted effort to overturn the results of future elections and the ongoing threat to our freedoms. Trump’s plan is to install people like Kari Lake into positions of power so they can change the rules and overturn election results when they don’t win. So long as these election deniers and conspiracy theorists continue their assaults on our freedom to vote, I will continue to fight back and stand up for our democracy.”

Watch Hobbs’ interviews: