Katie Hobbs Unveils Her ‘Arizona Is Home’ Plan

Hobbs spoke with stakeholders about expanding housing affordability, combatting veteran homelessness, protecting renters 

PHOENIX – Today, Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs met with local community leaders about making housing more affordable in Arizona as families continue to experience the burden of rising costs. During the meeting, Hobbs unveiled her new housing plan, Arizona Is Home, which includes initiatives that will cut red tape to build more housing, protect Arizonans from evictions and rent hikes, and invest in the Housing Trust Fund to combat homelessness. 

“Our plan empowers local communities to build more affordable housing. We can’t tackle the housing crisis without tackling skyrocketing costs – and that means building more to meet demand,” Hobbs said. “As a social worker, I saw firsthand how needless paperwork stands in the way of families getting the help they needed. I’ll work to consolidate the agencies offering life-changing services to make government more efficient for families and expand on innovations in affordable housing to put them on a path to economic security and self-sufficiency.”  

Hobbs’ plan would empower communities to build affordable housing and address the underlying issues that contribute to homelessness such as reconvening the interagency council, providing support to veterans, and encouraging rehabilitation in community courts. 

Meanwhile, Kari Lake shows no compassion for our population experiencing homelessness, and has not offered any real solutions to combat the problem. Experts have criticized her plan as dangerous and have said that it places blame on individuals rather than providing solutions for a systemic issue. She has also promised to defund cities that don’t go along with her dangerous plans. 

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