Katie Hobbs Touts Widely-Praised Plan to Bring Down Costs for Arizonans in State of the Union Appearance

Meanwhile, Kari Lake’s Unhinged Election Conspiracy Theories Were on Full Display Yet Again

PHOENIX– Today, Secretary of State and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs appeared on CNN’s State of the Union with Dana Bash to highlight why she’s the only candidate for Arizona governor  prepared to lead the state forward. While Hobbs spoke to how she’ll solve the biggest issues in Arizona, Kari Lake spent her entire interview peddling baseless conspiracy theories about elections and dodging questions on what she’ll actually do as governor.

“The fact is I have a real plan to address rising costs for Arizonans [and] put money back in the pockets of working families. And experts have looked at both my plans and Kari Lake’s plans, and my plan is the plan that will actually address inflation and put people back to work,” said Hobbs. “The same expert described Kari Lake’s plan as putting jet fuel on the fire of inflation.”

This morning’s interviews put the contrast between Lake’s extreme, out-of-touch agenda and Hobbs’ plans for Arizona on full display. The only substantive message that Lake communicated to Arizona voters was how unfit and unqualified she is to be governor. 

Here are some of Lake’s most nonsensical claims from today’s interview:

Lake falsely claimed election fraud:

It’s no surprise that Lake lied — again — about the presence of widespread election fraud in the United States. 

Kari’s Claim: “There’s plenty of evidence. We had 740,000 ballots with no chain of custody. Those ballots shouldn’t have been counted.”

Lake refused to accept the 2022 election results if she doesn’t win:

Kari Lake refused to say she’d accept the results of the 2022 election not once or twice, but three times. After being pressed on the question multiple times, Lake finally stated she would accept the results if she won — but did not say she would if she lost.

Kari’s Claim: “I’m not going to lose this election […] I’m going to win the election and I will accept that result.”

Lake avoided any accountability for her extreme rhetoric:

Even after listening to footage of former Trump administration officials confirming there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election, Lake still did not acknowledge the facts. She continuously lied about the presence of voter fraud in 2020, and denied that her conspiracy theories are undermining democracy and faith in electoral systems. 

Kari’s Claim: 

Dana Bash: “If leaders like you and President Trump are saying that the election was stolen, aren’t you participating, contributing, even causing the idea of people thinking that the election was stolen?”

Kari Lake: “No.”

In response to Lake’s unhinged comments, Hobbs emphasized during her interview that Kari Lake is too dangerous for Arizona. 

“This is somebody who will have a level of authority over our state’s elections, the ability to sign new legislation into law, the responsibility of certifying future elections. And she has not only, as you heard, refused to say if she will accept the results of this election, but also whether or not she would certify the 2024 presidential election if she’s governor,” Hobbs said. “This is disqualifying. This is a basic core of our democracy.”