Katie Hobbs Breaks Arizona Fundraising Records, Steamrolls Kari Lake by More Than $1.5 Million

Hobbs campaign hits record high $10 million raised for 2022 election

PHOENIX – Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for governor Katie Hobbs broke state records by raising over $5 million in just two and a half months and $10 million for the 2022 election cycle, making Hobbs the largest fundraiser in a gubernatorial election in Arizona history. With 23 days to go until Election Day, Arizonans are enthusiastically throwing their support behind Katie Hobbs’ campaign and fundamentally rejecting Kari Lake’s extreme agenda to rip away Arizona’s freedoms. 

“Katie’s record breaking fundraising is just the latest show of strength for her campaign as Arizonans across the state begin casting their ballots,” said Nicole DeMont, Hobbs’ campaign manager. “With grassroots support driving Katie’s campaign, it’s clear Arizonans are eager to support the candidate who is focused on the issues they most care about and will reject Kari Lake’s dangerous extremism and never ending chaos.” 

As has been the trend throughout this election, grassroots enthusiasm continues to propel Hobbs’ campaign, with Hobbs raising over 10x more small-dollar contributions than Lake. And over 90% of this quarter’s donations were from people who gave $100 or less, proving once again that Katie Hobbs is the preferred candidate among grassroots supporters. 

Hobbs outraising her opponent by roughly $1.5 million this quarter should raise alarm bells for Kari Lake’s dangerous agenda that adds “jet fuel” on already skyhigh prices and her full-throated support for banning abortion in Arizona.