Katie Hobbs Strikes True Unity With ‘Republicans For Katie Hobbs’ Coalition

After a career working across the aisle for Arizonans, Hobbs emerges as the only candidate who can unite the state as governor

PHOENIX – Republicans from across Arizona have united behind Secretary of State and frontrunner for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs to keep the state from falling into the hands of extremist candidate Kari Lake.

The “Republicans for Katie Hobbs” coalition officially launched today, and represents the growing community of conservatives who are taking a stand to keep Lake from turning the governor’s office into chaos and lawlessness.

“The bipartisan coalition that is uniting behind our campaign proves that Arizonans recognize that this race isn’t about Democrat versus Republican,” Hobbs said. “It’s about our shared principles as Arizonans and finding common ground to take on our state’s toughest challenges. While Lake continues to drive a wedge between herself and everyone else, I am working hard to create a future for Arizona where sanity reigns over chaos, unity over division, and solutions over complete and utter nonsense.”

Following a call to action for Republican women to vote for Katie, penned by top Republicans Rebecca Gau and Lisa Hoberg, the “Republicans for Katie Hobbs” coalition is continuing to grow by the day, and already includes endorsements from:

  • Susan Gerard, Arizona Public Health Association Director at Large

  • Heather Carter, Greater Phoenix Leadership Executive Vice President

  • Deb Gullett, Arizona Association of Health Plans Executive Director

  • Ryan Harper, Healthcare Executive

  • Howard Meyers, Attorney

  • Richard Dozer, Former President of the Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Karie Dozer, Media Consultant

  • Rebecca Gau, Stand for Children Executive Director

  • Lisa Hoberg, Precinct and State Committeeman

The support for Hobbs across the political spectrum underscores her career working across the aisle both in the state legislature and as Secretary of State. Hobbs has also spent the entirety of her campaign finding consensus around common-sense solutions. Hobbs’ message is resonating with a broad swatch of the electorate, as demonstrated by Fox News’ recent poll showing Lake deeply unpopular and with Republican and Independent pollsters raising red flags about Lake’s flailing campaign.