Katie Hobbs Statement on Kari Lake Reiterating Her Full Throated Support For Wendy Rogers, Echoing Her Condemnation of “McCain Republicans”

Hobbs condemns Lake for her unflinching support for conspiracy theorist and white supremacist Wendy Rogers


PHOENIX — At a campaign event yesterday, Kari Lake continued to alienate fellow Republicans by yet again reiterating her unwavering support for Wendy Rogers who has constantly been a black eye on our state for championing violence and white supremacy: 

Lake said, “I will never back away from fighters…when they were attacking Wendy Rogers…and were trying to get me to back away, that’s not who I am.” 

This is in stark contrast to the McCain Republicans who have long defined Arizona politics and have been uncomfortable with MAGA figures like Wendy Rogers and Kari Lake. Lake has constantly been feuding with the McCain family. Lake once said about McCain-supporting voters: “We don’t have any McCain Republicans in here, do we? Get the hell out! It was the party of McCain. It was bad. Arizona has delivered some losers, haven’t they? But we have some winners as well. We have Wendy Rogers… who is the toughest woman I know. We have so many heroes just like Wendy here in this state.” 

Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for governor Katie Hobbs provided the following statement condemning Lake’s comments:

“Let me be clear — John McCain was a national hero and served our state diligently and honorably throughout his entire career in public service,” Hobbs said. “Kari Lake continues to demonstrate she will only represent the extreme factions of her party, those who spew hate and conspiracy theories. While she and her allies continue to destroy and divide Arizona, I’m working with our broad coalition of supporters to defeat her chaos with sanity.”

Lake continues to lash out at members of her own party. In an October interview with The Conservative Circus, Lake referred to the Republican party as “a cavalcade of losers” and attacked Senator John McCain, calling the state’s widely respected Republican Senator a “loser.”

Republicans continue to cross party lines and support Katie Hobbs, stating that Kari Lake is too extreme and poses a threat to Arizona. Katie Hobbs has earned the endorsements of prominent Republicans, including former U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton, former Vice Mayor of Phoenix Peggy Neely, and CEO of Chicanos por La Causa David Adame.