Katie Hobbs Renews Unwavering Defense Of Reproductive Freedom After Far Right’s Latest Attempt to Pass Dangerous Restrictions

Hobbs campaign highlights the stark contrast between her policies against Lake’s uncompromising stance on abortion

PHOENIX – In light of the latest effort by Senate Republicans to criminalize doctors and curtail abortions nationwide, Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs reiterated her unwavering defense of reproductive rights and lambasted her dangerous opponent Kari Lake’s extreme stance on the issue.

“The disheartening news out of Washington this week makes it abundantly clear that our fundamental rights are 100% on the line this November,” Hobbs said. “Kari Lake and her far-right cronies want to criminalize abortion and dial back reproductive rights to an era before Arizona was even a state. I join the majority of Arizonans who oppose the cruel restrictions on abortion that my opponent supports. As governor, I will not compromise on protecting the right to choose, and I promise to be the last line of defense against out-of-touch extremists like Lake who want to send us back to the dark ages.”

To remind voters what’s at stake in the November election, Hobbs’ campaign released some of the most unhinged stances Lake has taken on reproductive rights versus the positions Hobbs has championed from the inception of her campaign:

Dangerous Kari Lake

  • Lake’s off-the-rail comments on reproductive rights are wildly out of touch with what everyday Arizonans believe.  Just last weekend, she referred to those who seek abortion as “executioners” and called abortion “murder.” In the past, she suggested women who have the medical procedure will go to hell, saying “abortion is the ultimate sin.”

  • If Lake gets her way, government-mandated forced births would be our new reality. Lake applauded the SCOTUS overturning of Roe v. Wade by throwing her full-blown support behind Arizona’s pre-statehood total abortion ban that makes no exceptions for rape and incest, calling it a “great law” in a separate instance. She also wants to outlaw abortion pills. Opposing any exceptions to abortion, Lake said, “I’ve never heard anybody make a good case for killing a baby. And so therefore I am pro-life 100%. I’m against abortion.”

  • If elected, Lake will impose out-of-state policies that will place a bounty on every Arizonan who helps a woman seek an abortion. In support of Texas’ bounty hunter-style abortion ban, she said, “I call on the Arizona legislature to put a carbon copy of Texas S.B. 8 on the Governor’s desk. If my predecessor refuses to sign it, I will do so in a heartbeat.”

Common-sense Katie Hobbs

  • Hobbs has been 100% clear that she will veto any legislation that compromises a woman’s right over her own body. She has a long legislative record of supporting and expanding access to reproductive health care and, well before SCOTUS officially overturned Roe, repeatedly called on Gov. Doug Ducey to repeal the pre-statehood total abortion ban that would force births in cases of rape and incest and criminalize doctors who perform the procedure.

  • Hobbs has common-sense plans that will actually protect Arizona families and improve the lives of our children. Her Bans Off Arizona plan would increase access to birth control to include those with incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty line, boost funding for family planning services outside of Medicaid, and appoint pro-choice directors to departments that license clinics and fund teen pregnancy prevention, among other responsibilities. Meanwhile, her Affordable Arizona and Prepared Arizona address issues Arizona’s working families face day in and day out surrounding lowering the cost of living and expanding access to quality education for children across the state.

  • As governor, Hobbs will stand with the majority of Arizonans who want abortion to remain legal.  87% of Arizona voters support access to safe and legal abortion, with three in five of them emphasizing that their vote would be at least somewhat impacted by a candidate’s position on the issue. With years of experience in elected office and tackling tough issues, Hobbs has the experience and unwavering dedication to defend Arizonans’ right to reproductive health care.