New Digital Ad Blasts Kari Lake’s Plan to Put Cameras in Children’s Classrooms

The ad, set to air on digital platforms across Arizona, is part of a series uplifting Kari Lake’s ‘seriously dangerous’ views

PHOENIX – Today, the Katie Hobbs campaign released a new digital ad highlighting Kari Lake’s dangerous plan to risk children’s safety and escalate Arizona’s teacher shortage by putting government cameras in classrooms, leaving them vulnerable to predators and hackers. The ad will air across digital platforms in Arizona. This is the fourth in a series of digital ads demonstrating just how extreme Lake is. Last week, the Hobbs campaign released a digital ad on Lake’s belief that everyday Arizonans should have access to rocket launchers.

In the ad “Cameras in Classrooms,” Kari Lake states that she believes we should “put cameras in the classroom” to spy on children. The Arizona Republic called Lake’s dangerous proposal to record everything our children do a “digital paradise for predators.” And in response to a fact check, Lake “reiterated” her support for putting cameras in classrooms. It’s clear that if elected, Lake will risk the safety of Arizona children.

Click here to watch Hobbs’ digital ad, “Cameras in Classrooms” 

Ad Transcript


Is Kari Lake serious about putting cameras in kids’ classrooms?

[Kari Lake]:

Put cameras in the classroom.


Using cameras to record everything our children say and do.

The Republic called it a “digital paradise for predators.”

Kari Lake will risk our children’s safety. 

Kari Lake is seriously dangerous.