Katie Hobbs Issues Consumer Protection Plan To Provide Relief For Everyday Arizonans

Measures include fighting to pass Arizona’s first law to directly hold price gougers accountable and save Arizonans money

PHOENIX — Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs unveiled her plan to crack down on price gouging in Arizona, including efforts to pass the state’s first law holding price gougers accountable. This is just the latest in a series of plans from Hobbs to tackle the issues Arizonans are most concerned about.

“As the only non-millionaire in this race and as someone who grew up relying on food stamps at times, I know firsthand how hard it is for everyday Arizonans facing the skyrocketing cost of everything from gas to groceries, prescription drugs, and baby formula,” Hobbs said. “This plan will make sure that bad-faith actors don’t take advantage of hardworking Arizona families in the midst of these extraordinarily tough times.”

Hobbs’ plan for A Protected Arizona builds on the proposals set out by the Affordable Arizona plan she released in March, which lowers costs for families with children, helps Arizonans get back to work in good-paying jobs, and exempts a variety of items like over-the-counter medicines and feminine hygiene products from sales taxes.

Unlike her out-of-touch opponents Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson who have said that “we’ve got a great economy right now” and that the “economy has come roaring back,” Hobbs is under no delusions about what Arizonans are experiencing day to day. That’s why, while her opponents lack any substantive plans to address price gouging or lower the cost of living for everyday Arizonans, Hobbs has built her campaign around tackling the issues that hit working families the hardest.

Key measures in Hobbs’ plan for A Protected Arizona include:

  • Fighting to pass the state’s first ever law to hold price gougers responsible for the harm they cause hardworking Arizonans;

  • Lower costs of prescription drugs by prohibiting drug makers from raising prices to exorbitant levels and pursue state-level Medicaid drug price negotiations; and

  • Work with the legislature to ensure taxpayer funds are properly used by the Attorney General to protect consumers and prosecute fraud rather than to fund political fights.

Read more about the plan here.