Katie Hobbs: Lake, Robson Share Same Fringe Positions, Don’t Offer Real Solutions

Hobbs highlighted extreme opponents’ identical and out-of-touch positions ahead of Trump, Pence visits

PHOENIX – Ahead of Donald Trump and Mike Pence stumping for Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson, Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs cast her ballot Thursday in the Aug. 2 primary, using the opportunity to remind voters about the safe and secure ways to vote early and her commitment to delivering real solutions, such as her new plan to protect everyday families.

Hobbs also highlighted the extreme and out-of-touch positions Lake and Robson have copied from each other, including refusing to say they’ll certify the 2024 election, banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest, refusing to support life-saving red flag laws, questioning the need to invest in our education system, and lying to Arizonans about their plans to secure the border.

“My opponents Kari Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson are in a race to the bottom taking positions so far out of the mainstream and showing how far they’re willing to go to appease an increasingly smaller segment of Arizonans,” Hobbs said.

“While there’ll surely be plenty of off-the-wall conspiracy theories and cheap shots to come out of tomorrow’s spectacle, the one thing I can promise you won’t hear is how Lake and Robson plan to tackle the biggest challenges facing our next governor,” she added. “You won’t hear a real plan to fix our failing education system, to lower the skyrocketing cost of living, or to address our water crisis. And you certainly won’t hear a plan to restore and protect women’s fundamental right to make our own reproductive healthcare decisions.”

Just this week, the Daily Beast reported on the identical policy positions held by both Lake and Robson: “When asked to name her biggest policy disagreement with Lake, Robson couldn’t come up with one.” Whether MAGA Kari Lake or Lobbyist Karrin Taylor Robson emerges from this damaging primary fight, Arizonans will have a clear choice between a fringe conspiracy theorist and a bipartisan, solutions-oriented problem-solver in Katie Hobbs.

Hobbs is known as a fierce defender of Arizonans’ rights, overcoming death threats to fight for our freedom to elect our own leaders. Rather than relitigating an election that happened two years ago, Hobbs has focused her campaign on addressing the issues that most impact everyday Arizonans, including the soaring cost of living, attacks on reproductive freedom, and decades of federal inaction on immigration.