Katie Hobbs Condemns Kari Lake’s Dangerous Call to Defund Law Enforcement

Lake’s radical plan would make Arizona less secure, more vulnerable to increased sex trafficking and violence at the border

PHOENIX– Kari Lake is once again proving that she is too dangerous for Arizona by calling to dismantle and defund the country’s leading law enforcement agency. In response to being asked if she supported “disband[ing] the FBI” this week, Lake said “absolutely” and “100 percent I agree.” In another interview, Lake said, “It’s time to fire the federal government,” in response to the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago, and even suggested Arizona should secede from the United States in retaliation.

Let’s take a look at how Lake’s plan to abolish the FBI would make Arizona less safe:

  • The FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center helps locate and detain suspected terrorists, like in Yuma.

“Kari Lake’s dangerous push to abolish a key law enforcement agency would undermine the safety and security of every Arizonan and especially would devastate efforts to secure and strengthen our border,” Hobbs said. “My plan would provide additional resources to law enforcement and our border communities who have been bearing the brunt of this crisis and work to end the lawlessness and chaos we’ve seen at the border for decades.”