Katie Hobbs Brings Solutions Can’t Wait Message To Communities Across The State 

Whirlwind campaign launch puts Hobbs directly in front of voters, other stakeholders to discuss solutions for Arizona families

PHOENIX – Secretary of State and frontrunner for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’ general election campaign is off to a robust start, with the Democratic nominee spending the first three weeks of her campaign traveling to communities across the state to discuss her plans as governor.

“After meeting with voters and local leaders to discuss how to tackle our state’s toughest issues, it has been uplifting to see how many Democrats, Republicans, and Independents find common ground on the need to come together for realistic solutions,” Hobbs said. “Like the majority of Arizonans, I recognize that the challenges we face today are more important than partisan politics and require proven leaders who can bridge the growing political divide. As governor, I look forward to continuing to work across the aisle to get the job done for everyday Arizonans.”

Unlike her opponent, Kari Lake, who can’t make it through an interview from an actual reporter and started off her general election campaign in another state, Hobbs launched her multi-day Solutions Can’t Wait Tour across Arizona the first weekend of August. In the weeks since, she has continued delivering her solutions-focused message to voters through appearances on national and local television, interviews, and at events around Arizona including a roundtable with Latino leaders, the kickoff reception of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the West Valley NAACP’s monthly general membership meeting.

Here’s how Hobbs spent the last few weeks: