Ahead of Women’s Equality Day, New Digital Ad Highlights Kari Lake’s Antiquated Views On Women’s Rights 

The ad set to air on digital platforms across Arizona is first in a series of digital ads to highlight Lake’s dangerous views

PHOENIX – Today, the Katie Hobbs campaign released a new digital ad highlighting Kari Lake’s antiquated views on gender equality and women’s rights. The ad is the first in a series titled “Seriously Dangerous” which highlights Lake’s out-of-touch views and will air on digital platforms across the state.

The ad, titled “Women and Men,” features Lake saying that God did not create men and women the same, and that men and women should not be treated equally. Lake’s comments are no surprise, as she has promised to uphold the 1901 abortion ban–without exceptions for rape or incest–that is currently on the books in Arizona. She supports banning common forms of birth control and effectively putting a bounty on Arizonans. Lake’s out-of-touch ideology presents a direct threat to the women of Arizona.

Click here to watch Hobbs’ digital ad, “Women and Men”

Ad Transcript:


“We know that God did not create us to be equal to men.

You know what, we aren’t equal to men. Women are different than men.

We don’t want to be equal to them because we are not the same.”