Arizona Daily Star: Experts Favor Katie Hobbs’ Water Plan

“Lake’s assertion that ‘we need more water. Period.’ is naive and a century late.”

PHOENIX –  Last week’s column by Tim Steller in the Arizona Daily Star highlighted how experts are backing Katie Hobbs’ plan to secure Arizona’s water future over Kari Lake’s. 

The piece praised Hobbs’ holistic approach to tackling the water crisis and her plans to engage all Arizonans. Meanwhile, experts called Lake’s plans “naive” and unrealistic, proving yet again that she lacks real solutions to move our state forward. This comes on the heels of water policy expert Sarah Porter sounding the alarm that Lake’s proposal “would make the price of the water drastically more expensive for water users” and “might price out most people.”

Here are some key excerpts from the article:

  • “Hobbs has a much better understanding of the problem and, particularly, a much better understanding of what the solutions can and should be.”
  • “Kari Lake, in contrast, still clings to the notion that the root problem lies in population growth (rather than changing climate), and that big-technology solutions like desalination, new dams, and cross-country water pipelines are the solution […] the economics of doing so would only be possible with massive and ongoing federal water subsidies.”
  • “Lake’s assertion that ‘we need more water. Period.’ is naive and a century late. Sure, that would be a wonderful future, but no southwestern state should make that Plan A. The states that will thrive in an increasingly arid Southwest are those that learn to accomplish more with less water.”
  • “[Lake’s plans] are multi-billion- or trillion-dollar pipe dreams that sound good but aren’t realistic because of cost, because they are probably not feasible for a variety of reasons, and because they would take decades to accomplish even if affordable and doable. There is a crisis around the corner in the next year.”

Between Lake’s unrealistic plans to address Arizona’s water crisis and her disastrous economic plan that would defund police and fire departments, it’s clear that Kari Lake is unqualified to lead Arizona. 

Click here to read Tim Stellar’s full piece in the Arizona Daily Star, and check out Hobbs’ plan on how she’ll secure Arizona’s water future.