ICYMI: NBC News: Starkly Different Visions for Arizona Dominate Campaign’s Closing Days 

PHOENIX – Yesterday, NBC News covered the final push towards election day in Arizona and the stark differences between gubernatorial candidates Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs, with extremist Lake campaigning on out-of-touch, dangerous ideas and Katie Hobbs fighting for Arizona’s future and our democracy.
Kari Lake, a dangerous extremist campaigning on fringe conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, has promised to uphold Arizona’s draconian abortion ban, install government cameras in every classroom, and would make inflation even worse in Arizona. Katie Hobbsis running on her record of working across the aisle to deliver results for Arizonans.
“Democracy is at stake this election, and Kari Lake is a direct threat to Arizona’s families. She cares more about creating chaos and getting attention from Donald Trump than she cares about serving the people of Arizona. She will do whatever it takes to seize power, including rejecting the results of a free and fair election. Katie Hobbs is the only candidate in this race who is working to deliver real results for the people of Arizona,” said Sarah Robinson, spokesperson for the Hobbs campaign.
See below for key excerpts, or read the full report here:
  • “We know that democracy is at stake,” said Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s Democratic secretary of state, who is running against Trump-endorsed Kari Lake for governor.
  • Arizona is among the most closely watched battleground states going into Election Day. Hobbs, who was a social worker before she sought public office, was the target of death threats and protests outside her home after then-President Donald Trump lost the state in 2020. She says she expects to be targeted again this year if any of Arizona’s Republican candidates lose or if the races are too close to call.
  • Speaking to supporters Sunday at a campaign rally in Tucson, in historically blue Pima County, Hobbs repeated a familiar refrain about the midterms: It is a choice between “sanity and chaos.” “Democracy is going to send Kari Lake back to whatever dark corner of the internet she came from,” Hobbs said to thunderous applause.
  • A recent Marist College poll found Lake and Hobbs deadlocked in the final stretch of the nationally watched race. Among voters who said they were definitely voting, 49% said they favored Hobbs, compared with 48% for Lake.