REMARKS AS PREPARED: Katie Hobbs Election Night Speech

PHOENIX — Tonight, at the Arizona Democratic Party Election Night party, Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for Governor Katie Hobbs delivered the following remarks as prepared:
Hello, Arizona! 

Thank you all so much for being here! And thank you for your support throughout our entire campaign.

I’m going to keep this short because I know we’re expecting a long evening.

We’ve seen the first results come in, and we are feeling good about what we’re seeing!

And that’s because of all the hard work that everyone in this room put in. You all made calls, you knocked on doors, you talked to your friends, your family, your neighbors about what was at stake in this election. And most importantly, you all got out and voted. 

Now that the campaign is over and polls have closed, the county election officials are hard at work tabulating those votes. And they’re going to be tabulating them for the next few days. 

I know we’re all eager to find out who won each of these incredibly important races, but we will need to be patient and wait for every vote to be counted. Because every single vote matters, and every single vote counts equally – whether you voted by mail, dropped off your ballot at a secure drop box yesterday, or voted in person today.

We know my opponent and her allies have been sowing doubt and confusion throughout this campaign, and it’s unacceptable that they were spreading misinformation today while people were exercising their right to vote. 

I have every confidence that the counties administering this election conducted a free and fair election, and their results will be accurate. But they will take time, so prepare for a long evening and a few more days of counting. And for now, let’s go enjoy the evening!