ICYMI: Katie Hobbs Praised For Her Superior Plan To Tackle Inflation

Economist highlights the merits of Hobbs’ plan and likens Lake’s plan to ‘trying to put out a fire with jet fuel’ 

PHOENIX – Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs’ Affordable Arizona plan is receiving praise this week for the immediate and meaningful relief it would provide working families who are battling the soaring cost of living.

In an interview with 12News, Arizona State University economist Dennis Hoffman described how Hobbs’ plan would get more people back to work while reducing inflation. Meanwhile, Lake’s ham-fisted proposals not only fail to provide economic relief but would make the problem worse, leading Hoffman to say her ideas for addressing inflation were akin to “trying to put out a fire with jet fuel. […] It just doesn’t work.”

“Experts agree that my plan to address the skyrocketing cost of living is the best plan for Arizona,” Hobbs said. “As someone who knows what it’s like to try to make ends meet, I know that everyday Arizonans cannot afford to wait on our leaders to finally get their act together and address this crisis. Unlike my opponent, I have spent my whole campaign laser-focused on what working families in this state need to thrive, and I have a real plan to get to work on Day One to lower costs right away.”

Hobbs intimately understands the hardship that everyday Arizonans are facing right now, because she and her family have gone through it too. Just last week, Hobbs shared her story with Arizonans about driving for Uber in 2016 when her family was trying to make ends meet. In 2010, like so many Arizonans in the wake of the global financial crisis, her home was foreclosed on.

Hobbs’ campaign has made it a central focus to communicate her comprehensive plans to lower the financial burdens that Arizona’s working families are facing right now. Earlier this week, Hobbs’ campaign and the Arizona Democratic Party unveiled a seven-figure ad buy, titled “Solutions Can’t Wait,” that highlights her affordability plan and its measures to cut income taxes for 800,000 families and eliminate sales taxes on everyday essentials from over-the-counter medications to feminine hygiene products and diapers.