ICYMI: Ahead of Election Day, Republicans Come Together to Issue a Final Warning About The Dangers of Kari Lake 

18 prominent Republicans and conservatives put country over party to express their support for Hobbs
PHOENIX – In an opinion piece published today, 18 prominent Arizona Republicans and conservatives, including Jimmy McCain,gave a scathing indictment of Kari Lake’s vision for Arizona. In addition to citing her policies as disastrous, they expressed their alarm at her election denialism and acceptance of political violence.
It is for these reasons and many more that they have thrown their full-throated support behind Katie Hobbs’ bid for governor. Read some highlights from the op–ed below and the full piece here.
By: Jimmy McCain, Steve Betts, Sam Campana, Paul Charlton, Ahron Cohen, Rusty Foley, John and Kathleen Graham, Tommy and Jenny McKone, Kelly and Sue McKone, Sentari Minor, Peggy and Brian Neely, Jackie Norton, Alec Esteban Thomson, Monica Villalobos
Key Points:
  • “We wholeheartedly support Katie Hobbs because we are Arizonans first, and Republicans second. And we cannot stand by while the state we love cedes to Kari Lake’s disastrous agenda. This election, it’s more important than ever to put the future of Arizona — and our country — above all else. That starts with defeating Kari Lake this election.”
  • ‘Lake has also attacked our fundamental freedoms throughout her entire campaign. Her education plan includes putting cameras in classrooms to spy on our children, which could expose them to online predators. Perhaps most egregious is her commitment to dismantling our democracy, repeated refusal to acknowledge our state’s electoral integrity despite all evidence, or accept the results of the upcoming election if she doesn’t win.”
  • “Katie Hobbs, on the other hand, presents the antidote to Kari Lake’s chaos. She has presented thoughtful, pragmatic plans to uplift Arizona working families and make government work better for its people. Most of all, we can trust Hobbs to protect our democracy and defend our freedoms, just like she has done throughout her career as a public servant.”