FACT CHECK TRUE: Kari Lake’s Dangerous Lies Show Just How Extreme Her Anti-Abortion Stances Are 

Lake attempts to hide enthusiastic support for Arizona’s 1901 abortion ban — and gets called out

PHOENIX — This week’s Politifact fact checks once again exposed Kari Lake’s lies and extreme support of the draconian territorial-era abortion ban. With reproductive access on the ballot this election, it’s clearer than ever that Kari Lake is too dangerous to be governor.

During an appearance on Face the Nation last weekend, Lake’s attempts to distract Arizonans from her extreme stances failed miserably. Lake called the territorial-era ban — which criminalizes all doctors and women for performing abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest — “a great law” that she would enforce if elected. During the same program, Lake also stated, “I’m for giving women true choices. And when they walk into an abortion center, they’re only given one choice.” Lake then pledged she would “uphold the law” on abortion in Arizona.

“The fact check is complete — lying is a staple of Kari Lake’s campaign, and her blatant attempts to distract from her extreme stance on women’s reproductive freedom won’t fool anyone,” said Katie Hobbs. “The contrast couldn’t be clearer — I will never stop fighting for our reproductive rights, while Kari Lake will uphold Arizona’s draconian abortion ban that will endanger women and imprison their doctors. With our rights on the line, we must defeat Kari Lake this November.”

Lake’s unhinged statements are just another example of the extremism she has touted her entire campaign, like referring to women who seek abortion care as “ghouls,” “murderers,” “liars,” and “executioners.” In her recent media spectacle, she refused to answer a reporter’s question on her abortion position because he was wearing a mask — and then dodged his inquiry by feigning confusing about his question. She also previously praised the Texas Heartbeat bill and promised to sign an identical bill, which would put a bounty on Arizonans.