Champion of Democracy Katie Hobbs Spends National Voter Registration Day Getting Out The Vote

The Secretary of State who faced death threats for protecting Arizonans’ right to vote in 2020 pledges to keep defending democracy as governor

PHOENIX – To commemorate National Voter Registration Day, Arizona Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs joinedMission for Arizona’s voter registration event at Arizona State University and spoke with young Arizonans about the importance of their vote this November.

“No matter what your political beliefs are, we can all agree that protecting the right to vote is one of our most solemn duties in a democracy,” Hobbs said. “Our youth are inheriting a world where daughters have less rights over their bodies than their mothers did 50 years ago and where extremists like Kari Lake are doing everything they can to destroy the sanctity of our elections. Their voices, as well as those of other underrepresented voters, will play a critical role in ensuring Arizona has a proven leader who will fight for them come January.  As governor, I promise to defend our home from Lake’s brand of chaos and her continued efforts to undermine our democracy.”

Throughout her time as Secretary of State, Hobbs has been a staunch defender of voting rights, and stood up for Arizonans’ right to vote in the 2020 election even when insurrectionists threatened her life and protested outside her home because she refused to overturn the will of the voters. As a candidate for governor, she continues to be a fierce champion for our democracy, releasing her voting rights plan early on in her campaign and speaking out against the election lies that Lake and her fellow conspiracy theorists spread on a daily basis.

Mission for Arizona held Tuesday’s voter registration event at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus, with the goal of ensuring every eligible student on campus is registered to participate in Arizona’s upcoming election

Immediately after the event in Tempe, Sec. Hobbs went straight to ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus to give remarks at another National Voter Registration Day event, this time in her official capacity. At the Phoenix event, the Secretary of State spoke alongside other women leaders about the need to increase voting participation among women.