ICYMI: Arizona Mirror Article Shines Light On Kari Lake’s Dangerous Stances on Reproductive Rights

The painful and deeply personal story Secretary Katie Hobbs shared about her miscarriage underscores her opponent’s extreme positions

PHOENIX – This morning, the Arizona Mirror published an article highlighting Kari Lake’s ill-conceived attempts to disparage Secretary of State Katie Hobbs for the deeply personal story Hobbs shared in the immediate aftermath of the Dobbs ruling.

The article featured a tweet from Hobbs’s campaign Twitter, where the Democratic nominee for governor reminded voters about the procedure she received when she suffered a miscarriage, which is also used in routine abortion care and is at risk in the wake of Arizona’s 1901 abortion ban. In response, Lake proved just how little she knows about the effect that the overturning of Roe v. Wade has already had on life-saving medical procedures.

Below, read an excerpt from the Arizona Mirror’s article from Tuesday morning:

“While it doesn’t seem that any legislators at the state or national level are looking to ban D&Cs outright, some women in Texas who were seeking care after miscarriages have faced difficulty in finding a provider to perform the procedure because of that states abortion ban after six weeks of gestation.

“Last year, a woman living in Texas suffered a miscarriage during her first trimester of pregnancy, The New York Times reported. A large hospital in the Dallas-Fort Worth area performed a D&C to remove the tissue from her uterus. The procedure can be less painful and emotionally distressing than allowing a miscarriage to evacuate naturally. 

“Only eight months later, after the six-week ban had become law, the same woman had another first-trimester miscarriage, and the same hospital refused to give her a D&C.” 

As a reminder: Shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision in June to overturn Roe v. Wade, Hobbs shared a deeply personal story about the medical procedure she needed when she suffered a miscarriage. Hobbs has been a pro-choice champion her entire career, and made the difficult decision to share her story out of concern for the millions of Arizona women being locked out of lifesaving medical care. Meanwhile, Lake has called to criminalize doctors and women seeking abortions and referred to them as “murderers” and “executioners.”

“The very painful and personal story about my miscarriage was difficult to share, but I did so because Arizonans deserve a leader who knows what’s at stake this November and someone they can 100% trust to defend their fundamental rights,” Hobbs said. “Unfortunately, Kari Lake is so out of touch with everyday Arizonans that she has no grasp of – or worse, she doesn’t care – what we are facing due to the abortion bans she supports.”

Here, read Hobbs’s full Bans Off Arizona plan to defend Arizonans from uncompromising restrictions.