Another New Poll Shows Katie Hobbs Solidly Leading Both Republican Opponents in General Election Matchup

While Lake, Robson permanently damage each others’ campaigns, Hobbs mounts strong primary momentum into the general 

PHOENIX – A new poll released Friday shows Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs maintaining a firm lead over both her extreme opponents “ultra-MAGA” Kari Lake and lobbyist Karrin Taylor Robson. The Beacon Research poll shows Hobbs taking a 9-point lead over Lake and an 8-point lead over Robson. The new poll bolsters findings from every credible poll, which show Hobbs defeating both Lake and Robson in the general election.

“Secretary Hobbs’ commanding lead reaffirms the momentum this campaign has built and is carrying into the general election next week, ” campaign manager Nicole DeMont said. “While our GOP opponents spread election lies and take cheap shots at each other, Secretary Hobbs has been hard at work developing plans that address the challenges hitting everyday Arizonans the hardest. Voters want real leadership and real solutions from their next governor, and these poll findings show there’s only one candidate in this race who has the experience and ability to get that job done.”

These polls come on the heels of Robson’s series of botched interviews, where she “dodged questions on if she would have certified the 2020 election” and “when asked to name her biggest policy disagreement with Lake…couldn’t come up with one.” Meanwhile, Lake is now threatening to go “supernova radioactive” if she doesn’t win and is making claims of election fraud without an ounce of evidence. Robson remains unsuccessful in overtaking Lake as “not a single poll to date has shown her leading” in a primary field that is increasingly “flocking to Trump-backed candidates.”