Representative CĂ©sar ChĂĄvez Endorses Katie Hobbs for Governor

Monday, September 27, 2021

Representative CĂ©sar ChĂĄvez Endorses Katie Hobbs for Governor

PHOENIX—Today, Arizona State Representative CĂ©sar ChĂĄvez endorsed Secretary Hobbs for Governor.

“Katie Hobbs gets it. She has worked tirelessly for all Arizona communities and has ensured that they are all being heard,” said Representative CĂ©sar ChĂĄvez. “When Sheriff Joe Arpaio attacked immigrant communities and Latino communities, Katie Hobbs was there. When the republicans attacked the LGBT community, Katie Hobbs was there. Katie Hobbs will be there for us as governor.”

Representative CĂ©sar ChĂĄvez was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2017 and represents Arizona 29th District composed of Maryvale, South Glendale, and Litchfield Park. Before being elected, CĂ©sar experienced the lack of resources and struggles his public school would have to go through. He quickly recognized the importance of a high quality education, and sought mentorship from local leaders. Today, he sits on the House Appropriations Committee and House Judiciary Committee in the Arizona State legislature.

As a Mexican immigrant and part of the LGBTQ+ community, he ran for office in order to have his communities’ voices heard. He looks forward to continuing this representation and advocating for all Arizonans with Katie Hobbs when she is elected governor.


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