New Digital Ad Highlights Kari Lakeā€™s Support For Owning Rocket LaunchersĀ 

Friday, September 2, 2022

New Digital Ad Highlights Kari Lakeā€™s Support For Owning Rocket LaunchersĀ 

The ad set to air on digital platforms across Arizona is part of a series uplifting Kari Lakeā€™s ā€˜seriously dangerousā€™ views

PHOENIX ā€“ Today, the Katie Hobbs campaign released a new digital ad highlighting Kari Lakeā€™s belief that everyday Arizonans should have access to rocket launchers. The ad will air across digital platforms in Arizona. This is the second in a series of digital ads demonstrating just how extreme Lake is. Last week, the Hobbs campaign released a digital ad with Lake in her own words saying women ā€œarenā€™t equal to men.ā€Ā 

In the ad ā€œRocket Launchers,ā€ Lake states that she is for ā€œany weaponā€ including rocket launchers. When Lakeā€™s campaign was asked if this reflected her position, she doubled down and confirmed it. Calling for the legalization of extremely violent weapons intended to cause mass destruction for civilian use is a clear indication that, as governor, Lake would make Arizonans less safe.

Click here to watch Hobbsā€™ digital ad, ā€œRocket Launchersā€Ā 

Ad Transcript


Lakeā€™s campaign reiterated her support of rocket launchers.Ā 


And how powerful of a weapon do you think should be legal?

What about rocket launchers?

[Kari Lake]:

I amā€“ I am for any weapon, it’s about protecting against tyranny.

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