Katie Hobbs' Plan for an

Secure the Freedom
to Vote
for All Arizonans

From the Desk of Katie Hobbs

Dear Arizonans,

We are at a defining moment in our democracy. The frontline of the fight to strengthen our election systems and defend the freedom to vote is right here in Arizona.

As Secretary of State, I’ve fought against sham audits, misinformation, and efforts to simply throw out the ballots of tens of thousands of eligible Arizonans. We’ve pushed back against this anti-democratic extremism, and prevailed every step of the way.

But these dangerous forces have not stopped their effort to silence the voices of Arizonans. Instead, they’ve launched an all-out assault on our freedom to vote, all in the name of the Big Lie and their own cynical pursuit of power. Despite the fact that our elections are conducted safely and securely, voter suppression bills are being introduced in Republican-led state legislatures across the country, and proponents of the Big Lie are running to oversee election results in statewide and local offices.

Let me be clear: I’m ready to work hand in hand with Democrats and Republicans to protect the freedom to vote. Our democracy isn’t partisan, our Constitution isn’t partisan, and the freedom to exercise our most fundamental democratic right should not be partisan. Arizonans deserve a governor — and a government — that works tirelessly on their behalf to protect and expand the freedom to vote for every eligible person.

With voting rights reform efforts unwisely stalled in Congress, it’s more critical than ever that we have a leader in the governor’s office who is ready on day one to defend Arizonans against these extreme attacks on the right to vote.

Today, I’m excited to introduce a plan that builds on the work we’ve already been doing to protect the freedom to vote. Despite ongoing threats, I’m more focused and determined than ever to work tirelessly on behalf of Arizonans to uphold the Constitution and stand up for the freedom to vote — the bedrock principle of our democracy.

— Secretary Katie Hobbs

Today, unfounded attacks on the integrity of our elections threaten to take us backwards and derail all the progress we have made to make sure that every eligible Arizonan of all political leanings has access to the polls. Already, there are several extreme and unpopular bills that have been introduced in the legislature to disenfranchise everyday Arizonans, including new limitations on early voting and to ban the use of secure ballot drop-boxes.

Against this backdrop of dysfunction and extremism, Katie supports a commonsense suite of voting rights measures to defend access to the ballot for every eligible Arizonan.

Katie is the leader Arizona needs today to protect our fundamental rights, and she will not shy away from the fight for what is right: every eligible Arizonan should be readily able to exercise their freedom to vote.


Although the legislature has only been in session for a few weeks, we’ve seen a flurry of bills out of the gate that would restrict access to the ballot and make it harder for Arizonans to exercise their freedom to vote.

Instead of putting partisanship aside to ensure that every eligible Arizonan can confidently exercise their fundamental rights, those in power are actively working to undermine trust in our democracy.

Protecting Arizonans’ Freedoms

Without the freedom to vote, we don’t have much of a democracy to speak of. Katie knows that defending democracy starts with defending that freedom — for every eligible Arizonan. As governor, Katie will:

  • Expand access to voting in communities of color by investing in online voter registration opportunities, expanding funding for the Secretary of State’s Office and county election officials to conduct extensive public education about voting and elections, and working with elections officials to expand the availability of vote centers throughout the counties.
  • Automatically restore voting rights for Arizonans who have repaid their debt to society, which will reduce the burden on the courts, make government more efficient, and save tax dollars by cutting bureaucracy.

Strengthening Election Security

The 2020 election was the most secure in our nation’s history. But those who refuse to accept the election results continue attempting to undermine our election by attacking the very same processes by which we conduct our elections securely, and harassing and threatening the election workers who uphold the sanctity of our elections. That’s why, as governor, Katie will:

  • Enhance election security by allowing election officials to utilize the National Change of Address list to maintain more up-to-date election rolls, funding risk-limiting audits, and making non-partisan post-election audits mandatory without regard to political party participation.
  • Ensure the security of election workers by providing additional resources for federal, state, and local law enforcement to work together to monitor for threats and security risks by ensuring swift investigation and accountability for those who would try to harm elections officials or interfere with the right to vote, and by combating the misinformation that is most responsible for threats.

Expanding Ballot Access

We cannot fulfill the promise of a more perfect union if we put up barriers to vote for eligible Arizonans — especially those who have been historically disenfranchised and underrepresented. We need to make it simpler to register to vote and cast a ballot. As governor, Katie will:

  • Expand access to the ballot for all by extending early voting through the weekend before Election Day and implementing same-day voter registration.
  • Designate Election Day as a state holiday, which will help ensure every registered voter has access to the ballot box.


For too long, guaranteeing the fundamental right to vote has been an uphill battle despite the unprecedented attacks on the foundation of our democracy. As Secretary of State, Katie made great strides in helping turnout every eligible Arizona voter. And as Governor, Katie will take action to secure fair elections for years to come.

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