Katie Hobbs DeliversĀ A Prepared ArizonaĀ Plan to Bolster the Stateā€™s Education System

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Katie Hobbs DeliversĀ A Prepared ArizonaĀ Plan to Bolster the Stateā€™s Education System

Teachers and students join Hobbs in announcing her education plan on Solutions Canā€™t Wait Tour stop

FLAGSTAFFĀ ā€“ Secretary of State and Democratic nominee for governor Katie Hobbs released herĀ A Prepared ArizonaĀ plan on Sunday to finally invest in the stateā€™s neglectedĀ  education system, address the exodus of teachers that has created a severe teacher shortage, and offer better education opportunities for all Arizonans.

The announcement came during a stop at Northern Arizona University for Hobbsā€™Ā Solutions Canā€™t Wait Tour. She was joined by teachers, students and members of the Arizona Education Association’s Asipiring Educators group, who discussedĀ her detailed proposals for uplifting schools across the state. This plan standsĀ in stark contrast to Kari Lakeā€™s unhinged ideas around our childrenā€™s education likeĀ putting government cameras in classroomsĀ to spy on Arizona children, imposing anĀ out-of-state curriculumĀ to take away choice from local schools and parents, andĀ threatening funding for our schools.

ā€œFor far too long, Arizona has been last in the nation in terms of teacher pay and school rankings, and our kids and their futures are being shortchanged,ā€Ā Hobbs said.Ā ā€œAs a parent and as a product of Arizona schools myself, I know our state can be the best place to live, work and raise a family, and that starts with making sure our children are receiving a high-quality education. As governor, I will raise Arizona teacher salaries and ensure schools have the resources they need for students to thrive.ā€

Through Hobbsā€™Ā A Prepared ArizonaĀ plan, the state will:

  • Provide free early childhood education for students and affordable child care for parents.

  • Ensure our children and educators have the support, funding, and other resources they need to thrive.

  • Make sure every student has access to certified school counselors and social workers.

  • Support the stateā€™s K-12 education system in helping every child learn, grow, and prepare for a wide range of higher education and career opportunities.

  • Increase the post-secondary education opportunities available to students.

Read more about Hobbsā€™Ā A Prepared ArizonaĀ planĀ here.

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